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"There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'not today'." ~ Syrio Forel (Game of Thrones' master sword-fighter)


I recently received this mask in the mail from my Game of Thrones-loving sister. It proclaims, "Not Today."

I've worn it five times in public (mostly Walmart) and have noticed that people either stare at me in confusion or point at my mask, grin, and say something like, "Game of Thrones, right?"

I like that the phrase on this mask is ambiguous. It's either a phrase that refers to a certain character's quote from Game of Thrones about cheating death, or it clearly states how I feel about the Corona Virus ...

Sorry, Covid 19. I'm wearing a mask. I refuse to allow you to infect or kill me.

At least NOT TODAY.

These are scary times, folks. These are desperate times. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Like many of you, I am feeling desperate - and feeling desperate, I just have to say this ...


I am sick and tired of hearing people complain that it's their constitutional right NOT to wear a mask. What kind of statement is that? Despicable and inconsiderate, that's what.

And where in the constitution does it state that we have the right not to wear a mask?


Not Today.

If you and I refuse to do something, just because we can, and said refusal may result in the death of another human being, should we go ahead and do it anyway?

Not Today.

For those of you who don't wear a mask, what's the big deal, other than principle? It's not like a biker's refusal to wear a helmet (if he lives in a state that allows him not to wear one). If said biker bites the dust forever, he isn't harming someone else (unless you count those who love him).


Wearing a mask is not a selfish act. It's totally selfless.

Wearing a mask is about LOVE.

People who wear masks are showing respect for their fellow man. They care about others. And comfort be damned, they may hate wearing a mask - but they do it anyway.

Wearing a mask shows love.

Wearing a mask is for Heroes!

Not wearing a mask is selfish.

Sure, it's no fun. It's often difficult to breathe behind a mask, especially in crowded spaces or hot weather. It usually fogs up your glasses too, which I hate (but there are ways around this, like special coatings for your glasses that keep them from fogging up, or special masks that will not fog up your glasses.)

It's not that difficult to wear a mask. It really isn't.

Show some love, for Heaven's Sakes! Wear a mask!


One of the great things about America is we are each entitled to our own opinion.

I seldom write about controversial topics, and I usually avoid controversy - but I'm a lot older these days and beginning to feel braver expressing my feelings about things I'm passionate about. And I'm passionate about this country and my fellow man.

I'm passionate about love and respect. I'm passionate about life.

Maybe as an older person, I've earned the right to speak up. Or maybe I just think so.

But you're not going to hear an apology from me about this, non-mask-wearers. You're not off the hook because you don't like wearing a mask.

You're not entitled to the right to make people die.

Because that's what not wearing a mask could lead to. It could lead to death. Someone else's death.

And there is only one thing we say to Death.


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