I'm Deb Trotter and I was Raised On Love in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Today I'm a Rocky Mountain gal in Cody, Wyoming. Love is all aroud me here, too.

I've been a teacher, actress, arts council director, artist, and the first female voice-over announcer for ESPN, all of which I loved. My first love is writing, which is what I do most every day now, hoping to improve my writing as I work on my memoir.


I firmly believe we should, as Isabel Allende says,"write what should not be forgotten." Memoir is hard, and memory is a tricky thing. We think we'll remember certain events vividly. We won't. Over time, the specifics of memory fade. Trust me ... I'm old enough to know. Document your life daily. One day you'll thank me.


As for the rest - I walk with a cane, write with a pen, and drink enough coffee per day to serve twenty-four people.





I'm currently writing a memoir about the volatile summer of 1972 in Ireland, when -  my best friend and I worked there. Ireland was where I became who I was meant to be.


I'm writing a memoir about my adventures in Ireland in the volatile summer of 1972.

Be sure and check my blog for upcoming stories, fun facts, and tidbits about the Emerald Isle! 

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Jumping for Joy At Raised On Love

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