I'm Deb Trotter and I was Raised On Love in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Today I'm a Rocky Mountain gal in Cody, Wyoming. Love is all aroud me here, too.

I've been a teacher, actress, arts council director, artist, and the first female voice-over announcer for ESPN, all of which I loved. My first love is writing, which is what I do most every day now.


I've survived a brain injury and am enduring the rowdy antics of our two dogs, Roscoe and Cooper, who bark at every deer and jack rabbit in the near vicinity.


I walk with a cane, write with a pen, and drink enough coffee per day to serve twenty-four people.

I'm currently writing a memoir about  my adventures in Ireland in the volatile summer of 1972, where I discovered who I was meant to be.




Cooper - Best Friend Love

Raised on Love

Raised on Love. Born to Fly.

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Raised On Love. Born To Fly.

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