Let's talk about Love. We all need it.
Some of us take it. Some of us give it.
And some, like me, may remember a time
when your heart was broken and love passed you by.
I'll tell you my stories. All of them true,
about my love of family, lovers, and shoes -
my love for my dogs, my friends and my cars -
And even of Irishmen singing in bars.
See, love can be passionate. Comfortable. Bold.
Or love can be funny or sad when retold.
I'm hoping one day, you might share with me
your own true love stories for others to see. 
Then let us all fly - fly far away home,
for with love in our hearts, we are never alone.
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~Deb Trotter

"You have escaped

the cage.

Your wings

are stretched out.

Now, fly."

~ Rumi

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Raised On Love. Born To Fly.

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